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We hope that everyone has had a safe and fun summer as we are finding it so hard to believe that it is nearing an end! (Dear time, please slow down)

Starting a blog has been something that I promised myself and my marketing team I would add into the mix when WINK first opened..but better late to the game than never…

SO to start off our first post I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the lash cycles that happen twice a year. Spring + FALL. To be completely honest we don’t have an exact answer as to why these occur in our natural lash cycles. We do understand that they can happen in part because of the season changes that our bodies are either holding onto or shedding hairs more frequently in preparation for the next season change. ( If you google it you can actually go down an internet black hole with back and forth answers to which is actually correct)

Much to our disappointment our lashes naturally shed and are replaced by new baby lashes, that begin to grow and fill in the space left by the lost lash. It takes them a little while to reach their optimal length, in the meantime you are left with an empty looking gap. The fact is, we will lose one or more of our natural lashes every single day! This process is totally normal and natural, but since lash extensions are attached directly to our natural lashes, together they must fall. If you notice that your lashes are falling out excessively, we recommend using a lash strengthening serum* such as EyEnvy (available in our boutique). The serum strengthens individual lashes and extends their life cycle.

* Depending on the individual, lash serums may sometimes cause faster lash loss when you first begin using them. Overall though, they are proven to lengthen and strengthen the lash, so they do come highly recommended!

Mascara has been proven to break down the bonds of lash extension adhesive. If you really love and cannot give up your mascara, be sure to apply it only half way or better still, only to the tips of the lash extensions. Additionally waterproof mascara is super difficult to remove, without rubbing, pulling and tugging at the extensions. Makeup removers formulated to remove waterproof makeup and mascara will contribute to major fall out by breaking the lash adhesive bond due to their oil-based compound content.

As mentioned in the previous point, using oil-based skincare products is a lash extension
nightmare. Just like oily skin, oil-based products can break down the adhesive bond between your lash and the lash extension, causing instant fall out.

Having oily skin can be a bummer. It has been known to contribute to issues with lash extensions application and adhesion. Very oily skin breaks down the adhesive bond by which the lash extension holds on to the natural lash, causing the extensions to have difficulty sticking strong. In rare cases, it can cause the lash extensions to resist adhesion entirely! If you have very oily skin, we recommend starting with a few lash extensions per eye to see how they adhere and maintain before spending your pennies on a full set. There’s nothing more disappointing than having your pricey lash extensions fall after only a few days of wear.

If you suffer from dry eye and have a tendency to rub your eyes, your extensions will most likely fall out along with your natural lashes, when rubbed excessively. If your own lashes fallout along with the extension, there will be nothing left to attach new extensions to, until the next phase in lash regrowth. Prevent all rubbing of the eye and pulling of lashes when possible.

How you sleep, or more importantly the position that you sleep in can be a contributing factor in premature lash extension loss. Those of us who sleep on our stomachs or in odd face down positions may experience issues retaining their lash extensions for the optimal length of time. While sleeping face down on a pillow, your lash extension will likely be pushed and bent out of shape not to mention rubbed with movement agains the pillow. This force trauma will likely loosen the bond of the adhesive and cause fall out. A lash specific sleeping mask is a good way to prevent lash loss for stomach sleepers.

You should always follow proper lash extension care as advised by your lash artist. Improper care like not removing dirt, debris or oil may cause lash extension loss. Neglecting to clean your extensions can cause infection and inflammation to occur at the base of the hair follicle. Brushing is another key step in lash extension care. You should brush your lashes with a spoolie/mascara wand as part of your daily routine but be careful and use gentle strokes when brushing.

Some vitamins and supplements that help with hair, skin and nails may cause lashes to shed faster, causing your lash extensions to fall out quicker than expected

We recommend that you do not get your lash extensions wet for at least 24-48 hours after the procedure. It takes about 24-48 hours for the adhesive to properly cure a secure bond onto your lashes. If you DO get your new extensions wet, the adhesive may crystalise and cause irritation, which may lead to intense eye rubbing. After the 24-48 hour “drying period” you may resume your routine as usual.

We hope that this info has been helpful. As always it is our job to make sure that you love and know how to properly care for you lash extensions. We love and appreciate all of you for your love and support of WINK. Without you and your love for great lashes + brows we wouldn’t be as lucky as we are to do what we love! xx

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