This Blog Post is very special to me, because its purpose is to announce “Lashes for Love”, a program I am starting at WINK to give back to the those who may need a little extra light in their lives.

“If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” Chinese Proverb

I personally have been though a few challenging times in my life, as I am sure that most of you all have. Times where even the smallest of light could make all of the difference. I grew through these times and learned that the beauty of the human spirit is so strong; it can overcome almost anything.

Even though these times may have been challenging for me, they were nothing compared to what some have faced… I was very young when my family lost my grandmother to cancer but I still remember the day we lost her. She was like a second mother to all of us and she was gone too soon. Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease that far too many individuals and families have had to face.

Many cancer patients will face the difficult task of undergoing chemotherapy and consequentially the loss of their hair (including their eyelashes). “Lashes for Love” will provide these heroic cancer survivors with semi-permanent lash enhancements “FREE OF CHARGE” To be a good candidate for “Lashes for Love”. you must have finished your chemotherapy treatments at least 6-9 months ago for the lashes to have grown back at least 50-60% and strong enough to hold an eyelash extension. If the natural lash isn’t strong enough it may cause the lash to fall out prematurely. Normal lash life span is about 90 days. We recommend having at least 2-3 healthy lash cycles before considering getting the extensions. All of these requirements ensure that we can actually bond an extension to each of your natural lashes. We will apply no thicker than .10mm-.15mm extensions, wether we choose classic or hybrid as the best option. It may be that we apply anywhere from 40-90 lashes per eye depending on what the client has naturally. Hopefully just enough to give them their groove back.

All of this information will be posted on our website and the program will happen EVERY LAST THURSDAY of every month beginning in January  (if it falls near or on a holiday, dates are subject to change). Each artist at WINK that participates is choosing to donate their time for the program, so hours and availability will vary. Please share this post and help to spread the word for “Lashes for Love”.

I love you all and truly hope that this program can make even the smallest of difference for some… because when you “look better you feel better”.

xo Kristen


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