WINK brings Mega Volume to SLO

Sad To See Ya Go…. But With Much Thought And Consideration, We Have Decided To Say Bye Bye To Classic Lashes As An Option Alone.

WINK Is Bringing Mega Volume To SLO County And Focusing On Only The Most Advanced Methods Used In Lashing.

Let Us Explain….

There Are Technically 2 Types Of Volume Methods Used In The Business Of Lashing.

1.) Russian Volume

2.) American Volume

Russian Volume Is How This Technique Came To Be. It Has Completely Changed Our Industry By Allowing Artists To Create Hand Made Fans That Hold No More Weight Than A Classic Extension (And Sometimes Even Lighter). With The Volume Technique, Manufacturers Were Able To Create Even Thinner, Softer Extensions For Us To Make These Fans With. Depending On The Diameter Used, You Can Create Anything From A 2d-6d Fan Safely. Many Of Those In Our Industry Feel That The Volume Techniques Are Even More Healthy For Our Natural Lashes. Less Weight= Less Torque On The Natural Lash. Russian Volume Typically Is Specific To .05 And .06 Diameters To Allow More Fans To Be Created.

American Was Developed By NovaLash Eyelash Extensions And Gives You A More Textured Or Feathered Look Of Different Lengths Of Lash Extension Fans That Are Mixed Throughout Your Full Set Or Fills. A Popular Diameter Being .07.

At WINK, Our HYBRID + VOLUME Sets And Fills Can Incorporate Both Techniques To Give You The Most Customized Look For Your Lashes.

Ok….Ok…. So Now TELL Me About Mega Volume??

Yes Dolls, It Can Get Even Better. We Can Actually Go Further With Volume….

MEGA VOLUME Is An Upgrade To The Already Popular Volume Technique, And It Has Literally Taken The Lash World By Storm. Mega Volume Steps Down In Diameter All The Way To A 0.03 Extension. With These Super Super Light Weight Lash Extensions We Are Able To Create 9-16d Fans. This Technique Will Give You The Absolute Darkest And Fullest Lash Line Possible.

One Difference Mega Volume Has Compared To Its Sister Volume, Is That We Do Not Go Heavy On The Length. We Focus Solely On Fullness And Darkness Of The Lashes. Take A Look At This Conversion Chart Below For A Clearer Idea Of The Differences.

Oh! And Look Out For Pictures Of The 3 Differences On Our Website Coming Soon….

We Will Always Love You Classics, Thank You For Giving This Wonderful Industry Life.

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